Clothes with A Cause

Designed by Companion Pet Behavior Solutions

Show your love for Companion Pet Behavior Solutions and support local by sporting a CPBS tank, tee, or sweatshirt. Click HERE to purchase.


For the Love Of Animals

There are several groups that help raise money for veterinary care for newly adopted pets. What about behavior care? 50% of the profits earned with this campaign will go towards helping with costs for behavior services, classes, training and products for newly adopted pets with behavior disorders or unwanted behaviors. This is the perfect gift for the animal lover. Click HERE to purchase.


Adopt Don’t Shop, Louisville KY

This campaign is to help support animal shelters, rescues and other organizations in Louisville, KY. 

Companion Pet Behavior Solutions works with local shelters, organizations and owners of newly adopted pets to offer behavior services and help them and their owners live a more harmonious life.50% of the profits will be donated to continue to support the efforts of the rescues, shelters and organizations in Louisville, KY. Click HERE to purchase.

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