Training Goals Consultation

Companion Pet Behavior Solutions is the only full time facility of its kind in the state of Kentucky specializing in canine and feline behavior disorders and training.
Companion Pet Behavior Solutions can help.

Training goals consultation

$115—Before any training can take place we must have a plan. A training goal consults allows us to discuss your behavior concerns and create a one on one personalized training plan to address and resolve them. I will also work with your pet briefly during this appointment.

Examples of some behaviors a training goals consultation can be helpful for dogs and cats:

  • Bark or excessive meowing

  • Pulling on leash

  • Crate training

  • Play biting

  • Chewing

  • Basic cues

  • Creative thinking/tricks

  • Mat work

  • Muzzle training/ harness training

  • Veterinary/grooming procedures

and more…..

After a training goals consultation has been completed, training sessions can then be scheduled to start implementing the training plan and reaching your goals. I do not believe in packages. I believe that every pet is different in their needs and how they learn. Therefore, the sessions are pay as you go, and learn at your own pace.

$75—Per private session.