I brought my very hyper dog, Harley, to Brittany. She was almost immediately able to calm her down and get down on the floor with her. That was something no one could do without Harley jumping all over them. Brittany has been able to calm her enough that we can do nail trims without sedation. I highly recommend Brittany to anyone with a problem pet.



Meet the Owner


Brittany Thomas, LVT, IAABC-CABC, KPA-CTP

Brittany is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, a Fear Free Elite Certified Professional, a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant through IAABC, Low Stress Handling Certified Silver, and a Karen Pryor Academy Professional Certified Trainer.

Brittany has years of studying  animal behavior and behavior disorders, and works closely with veterinarians and board certified behaviorists. In 2020 she will take her boards to become a Veterinary Behavior Specialist Technician. She will then be one of less than 30 in the country with that certification. 

Brittany has a strong passion for the well-being of animals and has participated in community outreach, visited various veterinary hospitals in the area, attends regular continuing education events, and conferences. She also has two charitable campaigns that she created to help raise money for local organizations, and to help owners pay for behavior services and care. (See the Clothes with a Cause tab for more information).


Writer for Technician’s Corner of the American Veterinary Society of  Behavior Newsletter

Published in Fear Free: 80 Tips to Reduce Your Patients' Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

Published in The Team Magazine 2017

Published in NAVTA Journal August of 2018