To Make an Appointment:

A credit card is required to schedule any type of appointment. The card information provided will NOT be charged unless you are in violation of the cancellation policy.

On the day of your appointment you have the option of paying by cash, check or a different card.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use a card as payment additional processing fees will be applied.


 In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment:

A 72 HOUR notice is REQUIRED. The notice needs to be sent three days prior to your appointment for the notice to be accepted. EXAMPLE: If an appointment is scheduled for Friday then a notice needs to be emailed no later than Tuesday, before 5:00pm for it to be excepted.

Notices are to be sent directly to my email address: mrsbrittanythomas@hotmail.com

If you do not provide a notice as described above then the credit card you provided will be charged for the full amount of the missed appointment.

Training Session/ Class Purchases

You do NOT have to pay for scheduled training sessions or a class all at once. Payment is due on the day of the training session or of class.

Applies to classes: In the event your pet is sick and is unable to attend class a veterinarian's note will be required to be able to make up the class.  If a veterinarian's note is not provided then you will be charged for the missed class, as well as forfeit that class. (NO make up). When you sign up for classes you agree to pay for those classes in full, whether or not you attend. NO REFUNDS.

Applies to training session: In the event you need to cancel or reschedule the 72 hour cancellation policy applies.